Laser Display and Lighting Conference 2016

The Laser Display and Lighting Conference (LDC) is an international conference on laser displays, laser lighting, and related technologies. The 5th Laser Display and Lighting Conference (LDC´16) will be held on July, 5th - 9th, 2016 in Jena, Germany, at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF), the Friedrich Schiller University (FSU), and the Abbe Center of Photonics (ACP).

The LDC´16 is intended to provide a central forum for the update and review of scientific and technical information on laser display and lighting covering a wide range of fields from fundamental research to systems and applications.

As one of the most successful photonics locations in Europe, the Jena region is one of the leading players in the German optics scene. Jena has a famous history in optics: Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe, and Otto Schott laid the foundations of modern optics here in Jena. Thus, Jena owes its status for being cradle of modern optics. Besides famous industry companies on this sector, research at university and in different institutes plays a fundamental role.

Focal point of LDC ’16 will be the automotive sector. Famous companies have already agreed to give talks: Audi, BMW, Zeiss, Nichia, Mitsubishi, Honda, Seiko-Epson, OSRAM, Bosch. Plus a lot of renewed academic institutes such as University of Tokyo, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Pforzheim University, Ilmenau University of Technology, Osaka University.


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